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Getting Carbon Credits on Native Trees

While the majority of the ETS has been focused on pinus radiata and other exotic forestry species, there are significant holdings of native bush which is eligible for carbon credits under the ETS.

KLS is New Zealand’s leading expert on native forestry eligibility for carbon credits. Under the ETS a land owner can earn NZUs on native forest that has regenerated or been planted since 1990.

KLS will provide-


1. Indigenous Forestry Evaluation

Site visits and GIS mapping to determine-

  1. ETS eligibility of native forestry
  2. Species, soil and age determination
  3. Current land use, projected regeneration species and future growth rates


2. Carbon Asset Management Plan (CAMP)

Based on the Forestry Evaluation, a CAMP will detail-

  1. Expected and future carbon credit allocations
  2. Detailed valuations and cashflows based on market futures and exchange rates
  3. An individual summary of the risks and opportunities that exist when entering the ETS