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KLS can assist you in all or any of the 4 steps to the ETS process below:


Open an ETS Account

A participant in the ETS needs to open an account into which carbon credits (NZUs) can be deposited and/or traded from.


Land Measurement and Registration

The ETS participant must register the land which is eligible under the ETS. This process involves agreeing with MPI (formerly known as MAF) on:

  1. GIS Mapping of Eligible area
  2. Eligible Species
  3. Age of forest


Carbon Credit Application

Once the land has been registered as eligible under the ETS, the participant can make their application for NZUs earned during the previous period.

Applications for credits earned during the 2008-2012 period must be submitted between
1 January 2013 – 31 March 2013. Once this application is made credits will be deposited
into the ETS account.



Once the credits (NZUs) have been deposited into the ETS account, they can then be sold. When price is agreed upon with a buyer, settlement takes usually 3 days before monies are deposited into the sellers' bank account.